Tooth Fillings Stop Decay In Its Tracks
  • Chew & eat without pain again
  • White fillings blend into your smile
  • Repair cavities & protect your oral health

Fix Dental Damage With Tooth Fillings in Dallas

Even when you have a good oral hygiene routine, cavities and damage to your teeth can happen. When it does, you’ll most likely need a filling to get your smile back in shape. For natural-colored tooth fillings in Dallas, look no further than Village Dental Care. This simple procedure will:

  • Ease your discomfort
  • Match your other teeth for a lifelike appearance
  • Prevent further damage to your smile
  • Make it easy for you to enjoy your meals
  • Maintain more of your healthy tooth structure

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Smile With Ease With a Lifelike Dental Filling

Stats Image About a quarter of adults have untreated cavities. Source.
As your dental team, we want the absolute best for your smile. That’s why we use metal-free fillings. We want to offer you the safest solution to your dental needs. They also blend seamlessly into your smile, unlike metal fillings.

As with any treatment, Dr. Hardcastle will explain why you need a filling. In fact, he’ll show you! He uses an intraoral camera so you can see what he sees during an examination.

If a filling is the best way for your smile to feel better, you have no reason to feel nervous. Here’s why:

  • We use a local anesthetic to numb the area. You can also use sedation to relax. We have laughing gas or oral sedation with a small pill.
  • You’ll benefit from our use of technology during your appointment. For example, we use digital X-rays to take clear pictures of your mouth.
  • You can enjoy cozy perks like blankets, pillows, warm towels, and lip balm. We never want you to feel uncomfortable during your appointment.

Your filling procedure will only take one visit. You’ll feel confident about your smile again with a tooth-colored composite filling!

Remember, the best way to keep your smile looking and feeling great is regular visits to the dentist. So, be sure to schedule your next checkup. Ask us about our VIP Club if you don’t have insurance, so you can save on your dental care.

For tooth fillings in Dallas, call 972-632-5926 for an appointment.

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

Which tooth fillings are safe?

While there is still disagreement over whether traditional amalgam (metal) fillings are any threat to dental patients’ health, we prefer to be cautious with our treatment. For this reason, we place only metal-free composite resin fillings made up of tiny glass and plastic particles. They look great and give our patients peace of mind about their health.

How long do tooth fillings last?

After your dentist places your new filling, you should expect it to last for several years without any problems. Composite fillings last an average of about five to seven years, although other factors do come into play, including which tooth has the filling and the types of foods you eat.

Are tooth fillings painful?

Getting a tooth filled does not have to be a painful experience. Your dentist and staff at Village Dental Care will make sure your procedure goes smoothly and is comfortable. We’ll first use a local anesthetic to ensure that the area around the tooth is completely numb. We also offer two relaxing forms of sedation if you need a little extra help getting comfortable.

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